The Orion Nebula is a twist on the classic 60's 6V6 tube powered amps. This amp has Power Scaling, giving the user the option of having the amplifiers full-volume, high-gain tone at any volume level the player desires. You can dial down the sound pressure without losing any of the harmonic balance and dynamic response of the amp sound when it’s cranked, making this an ideal amp for any playing situation. You have more guitar in your hands when you play this amp
Orion pays as much attention to the power amp as most builders do with the pre-amp, making these amps incredibly versatile tone machines. Plus, the back panel features a single-ended control enabling the player to dial in and out one 6V6 power tube for a spongy grit you won’t find in any other amp currently being made.
The Rocket is hand-wired on hand-built turret lug circuit boards. Classis Tone transformers, JJ Power amp and Preamp tubes, Orange Drop and SOZO capacitors, ceramic power tube sockets are standard in all Orion Amplifiers.
These amps feature a true studio quality FX loop standard with series/parallel operation, 0db /-20db quick flip level switch, send and return level controls and a true bypass that routes the signal completely around the loop. The FX loop can double as a pre-amp line out, a power amp for rack gear or as an extra gain stage by connecting a cord between the send and return jacks. 
At first glance, the pre-amp front panel may seem intimidating with its array of tone shaping switches but at second glance it becomes very intuitive. The dual EQ Aphelion/Perihelion (Clean/Rock), Dual Bright, Boost, Mid-Shift, Deep, Heavy and the inviting Diode Clipping switch, which adds fuzz and distortion to your signal, sounds amazing when the Rocket is cranked and /or Power Scaled and are welcome additions to the standard tone stack controls. 
The Nebula features a switchable overdrive with a Level Control that adds another dimension of controllable gain that pushes this amp into the stratosphere. The Thrust control is a unique feature that controls the amps overall gain (think adjustable pressure settings on your shower head) entering the power amp. Used in conjunction with the Overdrive Level Control, the player has complete control over the Rockets preamp gain. The Nebula power amp features a unique After Burner Control which adds gain, body and resonance into the power amp for a thick and dynamic sonic push over the cliff of what you thought was possible in a high gain amplifier. Add foot-switchable Overdrive and Boost for total control over your audience. That’s the whole point, Right? Right!
• 2 x 6V6 power tubes Cathode Biased
• 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 x 12AT7 preamp tubes
• Power Scaling, 25 watts to less than ¼ watt power output
• Classic Tone paper layer wound transformers
• Studio FX Loop featuring Send and Return Level Controls, Series/Parallel Operation, 0db/-20db signal quick flip level       switch, True Bypass
• Single Ended Operation. Dial in and out one EL-34 power tube from 100% to 0% output 
• Over Drive (adds ½ 12AX7 tube) with Level Control
• Preamp features include: Dual Bright, Dual EQ Aphelion/Perihelion (Rock and Metal), Boost, Mid-Shift, Heavy, Deep and Diode Clipping (Fuzz) switches.
• Power Amp features Thrust and After Burner (unique to Orion), Presence, Master Volume and Power Scaling controls
• Pentode / Triode Output Tube Operation
• Dual Input Jacks, Hi 0db, Low -6db
• Footswitch controls Over Drive and Boost 
• Tube Rectifier 
• Available in Head and 1x12 Combos
Head $3500.00, Combo $4000.00. 
 Available in any color combination. Combo includes one 12” Celestion Speaker.
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