Lets Order Some Amps Man!....Here's How!
I require a $950.00 deposit to get your amp started. Your deposit pays for transformers, tolex & grillcloth, cabinets and speakers as I don't keep these items in stock. They are bulky and take up a lot of room. Please call or email before you purchase to let me know the payment is coming and so we can discuss Tolex, Grillcloth and Speaker options. 
Once I receive your deposit the building commences. The current lead time 3-5 weeks. I will keep you posted weekly on the progress with texts, emails and pictures of your new amplifier. When your amp is finished, burned in and ready to rock, I'll process your final payment and ship your amp. I prefer shipping FedEx as they seem to do the best job not destroying stuff.
You can order any amp four different ways. 
You can call me with your credit card and I can run your payments thought Square Payments.
You can send money using PayPal or Venmo
You can write me a check and send it in the mail. If you send a check you will receive a 5% discount.
Amps are avalible to play and pre-order at Graysons Tune Town
2415 Honolulu Ave. Montrose CA 91020
Tolex and Grillcloth options below
Bigfoot Brown
Black Carbon Fiber
Black Carpet
Mojo Rough Red
Black Elephant
Black Levant
Green Levant
Orange Levant
Mojo Slate Taurus
Purple Elephant
Mojo Cabra
Fender Rough Blond
Purple Levant
Red Elephant
Mojo Rough Black
Mojo Gold Sparkle
White Elephant
Mojo Wine Taurus
Red Levant
Vox Fawn
Gibson Smooth Black
Fender Rough Brown
Mojo Grey Sparkle
Mojo Carolina Blue
Mojo Navy Levant
Sea Foam Green
Fender Smooth Brown
Mojo Snake Skin
Mojo Rough Orange
Silver Levant
White Levant
Burgandy Snake
Ocean Sparkle
Black Patchwork
Brown Alligator
Blue Sparkle
Vox Black
British Tan Levant
Black Western
Teal levant
Mojo Open Space
Mystery Brown
Brown Leather
Red Sparkle
Marshall Black Levant
Vanillia Taurus
Cherry Wine
Ivory Levant
Black Comet
Cocoa Levant
Fender Smooth Blond
Brown Ostrich
Mojo Black Tolex
Vox Red
White Sparkle
Plum Levant
Rough Orange
Mojo Black Snake Skin
Black-Tan-Gold-Sparkle Grillcloth
Small Weave Cane Grillcloth
Small Weave Cane Grillcloth
Bluesbreaker Grillcloth
Ampeg Black Silver Grillcloth
Cane Grillcloth
Fender Black Grillcloth
Fender Black-White-Silver Grillcloth
Fender Biege-Brown Grillcloth
Fender Beige-Brown-Gold Stripe Grillcloth
Fender Black-Red Grillcloth
Fender Black-White-Silver Grillcloth
Fender Blue-White-Silver Grillcloth
Fender Old Brown Grillcloth
Fender Oxblood Grillcloth
Fender Oxblood with Gold Spripe Grillcloth
Fender Tuquoise-White-Silver Grillcloth
Aged Black-White-Silver Grillcloth
Irregular Black-White-Silver Grillcloth
Large Check Grillcloth
Black Small Weave Cane
Mojo Black and Tan Grillcloth
Black Tan Gold Sparkle Grillcloth
Black Matrix Grillcloth
Loose Weave White Cane Grillcloth
Silver Matrix Grillcloth
Black-Blue Grillcloth
Blck-Red Grillcloth
Old Style Silver Matrix
Oxblood with Silver Stripe Grillcloth
Oxblood Variant Grillcloth
Salt and Pepper Grillcloth
Vox Sttle Grillcloth
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