Tolex, Carpet and Vinyl Covering Options

Bigfoot Brown

Black Carbon Fiber

Black Carpet

Black Elephant

Black Levant

Green Levant

Orange Levant

Purple Elephant

Purple Levant

Red Elephant

Red Levant

Silver Levant

White Levant

Tan Levant

Brown Leather

Fender Blond

Fender Black

Fender Rough Blond

Fender Rough Brown

Sea Foam Green

Fender Smooth Brown

Gibson Smooth Black

Mojo Black Comet

Mojo Black Patchwork

Mojo Black Snake Skin

Mojo Black Western

Mojo Blue Sparkle

Mojo Alligator Skin

Mojo Ostrich

Mojo Burgundy Snake

Mojo Carolina Blue

Mojo Cocoa

Mojo Gold Sparkle

Mojo Gray Sparkle

Mojo Ivory Levant

Mojo Navy Levant

White Elephant

Mojo Open Space

Mojo Plum Levant

Mojo Red Sparkle

Mojo Rough Black

Mojo Rough Orange

Mojo Rough Red

Mojo Green Pimple

Mojo Snakes Skin

Mojo Camouflage

Mojo Teal Levant

Mojo Vanilla Taurus

Mojo White Sparkle

Mojo Wine Taurus

Mojo Slate Taurus

Pearlized Abalone

Mojo Cabra

Mojo Cherry Wine

Tweed Olive Stripe

Vox / Hiwatt White

Vox Fawn

Vox / Hiwatt Black

Vox / Hiwatt Orange

Vox / Hiwatt Red

Grill Cloth Options

Ampeg Black / Silver

Bluesbreaker Grill

British Black / Tan

British Black

British Cane Small Weave

Cane Thick Weave

Fender Black

Aged Blk / Wht / Sliver

Aged Blue / Wht / Silver

Fender Beige / Brown

Beige / Brown w Gold Stripe

Fender Red / Black

Fender Blk / Wht / Slvr

Fender Blu / Wht / Slvr

Fender Old Brown Cloth

Fender Oxblood w Gold Stripe

Fender Oxblood

Turquoise / Wht / Slvr

Aged Blk / Wht / Silver

Irregular Bk / Wt / Slvr

Large Check

Small Weave Black

Mojo Black / Tan

Blk / Tan Gold Sparkle

Mojo Black Matrix

Mojo White Weave

Mojo Silver Matrix

Mojo Black / Blue

Mojo Black / Red

Mojo Salt / Pepper

Choose any color Tolex or any combination of colors (one for the top and bottom and one for the sides) plus your choice of Grill Cloth for your new amplifier. These are supplied to me by MojoTone. Larger pictures are available to view on MojoTones website.

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