Speaker Cabinets

To order speaker cabinets, First....You get to pick your speaker (most Celestion speakers are included in the price below.) I'll let you know if the one you want will be more expensive.  The Electro-Voice speakers are 200 watt EVM-12L's.  Then pick your Tolex color. Lastly pick your two (2) grill cloth colors. One covers the speakers and the other one goes behind the Orion logo, unless you choose the wood option. Please see the Grill Cloth / Tolex page on my site for all the available choices. Please call or email before you place the order below to confirm speaker choices.

Speaker Cabinets are made with 100%  Birch

1x12 Speaker Cabinet shown with Red Tolex, Black Grillcloth, Slanted Baffle, Black Piping

2x12 Speaker Cabinet shown with optional Walnut Front Panel

1x12 with Celestion Speaker.............$550.00

2x12 with Celestion Speakers.............$750.00

1x12 with Electro-Voice Speaker........$750.00

2x12 with Electro-Voice Speakers.....$1150.00

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